Dragon Ball stop motion review - SHF Goku 七龍珠玩具介紹-悟空

The SHF Goku
Very awesome toy with perfect articulation, paint is also very detailed,better than super Saiyan Goku from SHF itself.
Price I can find in the internet here in Taiwan is around USD$60-70

Figma Spiderman Stop motion review - Figma 蜘蛛人玩具介紹

Spiderman stop motion toys review, this is from Figma and I have to say its one the best articulated toy I have ever seen, very suitable to make stop motion videos with it, this video took me around 5 days of production and around 800 pictures, price for this figure is around USD$60-70 in Taiwan.

Transformers Stop Motion review - Evasion Optimus Prime

This is Evasion Mode Optimus Prime,
its one of the best in articulation from transformers toys, it looks really cool with very nice articulation, also easy to transform, thanks to Taiwan Hasbro for the support.
Price around USD$30 in Taiwan local market.

Gundam Stop motion review - Robot Damashii Gouf

This is Robot Damashii Gouf from Bandai, articulation is good but a little hard to pose movements if you want to make stop motion with it, bad part is that there is only small space for waist movement.Price around USD$27 in Taiwan local market.

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